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twitter: @RebeccaF_Artist

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My practice investigates narrative archetypes, motifs and themes. In turn I tell my own stories, weaving the fantastical through the mundane and clichéd. The work I make reflects my fascination with the immeasurable capacity for storytelling as a tool to entertain, teach, record, comfort and deceive. Drawing common themes and motifs from folk tales and contemporary literature I combine this transcriptive approach with original ideas and images drawn from my own experience and imagination.

The starting point for most of my projects has been an existing story. After sorting through the bones and viscera of the story by drawing parts and ideas spawned from it, I take the parts that resonate with me most personally to develop new work. Usually this will result in a series of images, like frames of a storyline that can be arranged and rearranged to tell a different tale. Often a sequence of work will progress from the last, so that my practice as a whole becomes a narrative chain.

Most of my work embraces paper-based techniques including printmaking, drawing and ink paintings. I also collaborate with other artists, writers and musicians, in particular the filmmaker Adam Fine. Our partnership was instigated by a shared ambition to animate, finding that by combining our respective skills and similar sense of mood and aesthetic, we could create something more challenging, developed and conclusive than as individuals. This synthesis of skills has culminated in films utilising the precise and laborious process of stop-motion with shadow puppetry, and spawning the framework for future projects.

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