Save the Cottage!

This has been my home (on several occasions!), my studio, my space for pursuing a creative career post-studies. Somewhere I met some of the most extraordinary and inspiring people. Somewhere people have dropped into for a day, a week, months at a time. Sometimes they were passing through on some grand adventure, sometimes they had nowhere else to go. Many of you have been to a party there or come around to dinner. Any of you who have supported me as an artist, in turn should support this place as it supported me. Donating won’t just be for the people who currently live there, it is for everyone, for every project, event idea and magnificent feast as yet undreamed of.

There isn’t much time, every penny counts but a lot are needed! Please please give what you can afford and keep one bright in Falmouth from being extinguished. Thank you xx


Click here to support Save the Cottage!


About Rebecca Freeman

Artist and illustrator, printmaker, bookbinder.
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